TROVE is hand made by one of the last small leather goods manufacturers in the UK. The factory is owned and run by the staff who work on the floor everyday with hundreds of years of combined knowledge and experience.  


Since 2011, there has been a constant internal drive to create a new product that combines the skills and craftsmanship of the people in the TROVE factory with innovative and creative product development.


TROVE factoryTROVE factory


After two years of making prototypes that did not quite meet TROVE's goals, we came up with the initial designs.  In the preceding months we started quietly developing and refining the product to make it the best that it can be. 


Every TROVE is the product of craft and creative thinking. Watch why we made it.

We use traditional leatherworking skills at the TROVE factory. See where we make yours.

Contemporary, low-waste design makes your TROVE special. Learn how to use yours.